UVIC Faculty testimonials

Why some (of many) UVIC Faculty support divestment

“I support divestment because we humans desperately need to wean ourselves away from fossil fuels. Their continued use is changing the planet irrevocably. Investing in alternative energy and divesting away from the oil, coal and gas industries is one step towards creating a solution. Ultimately, divestment is a gift to future generations.” Dr. Nancy Turner, Distinguished Professor – School of Environmental Studies

“The financial risks of holding shares in fossil fuel companies are increasing dramatically for long-term investors. At the same time, the financial performance of alternative investments is becoming more widely recognized.  Divesting ourselves of shares in companies concentrated on fossil fuels offers a clear case where our conscience, our social concerns, our ecological commitments and our financial interests all coincide.” Dr. Rod Dobell, Professor Emeritus – School of Public Administration

“It just makes sense, given our university’s stated commitment to sustainability, that we take a hard look at our support for society’s unsustainable dependence on extracting and burning fossil fuels. This is an opportunity to show leadership in being responsible stewards of our planet.” Dr. Ana Maria Paredo, Professor – Gustavson School of Business

“There is a strong financial case for divestment. The current valuation of oil companies includes huge reserves of fossil fuels that cannot be burned if humanity wants to avoid run-away climate change. When policy making inevitably catches up with the scientific consensus on climate change, share prices for oil companies will be negatively impacted, generating losses for investors.  The ethical, ecological, and economic case for divestment is supported by a growing number of UVic faculty from departments as varied as the Gustavson School of Business to the School of Environmental Studies,” Dr. James Rowe, Assistant Professor – School of Environmental Studies.

“I support divestment because society expects leadership from me.  My two daughters do too. I am personally divesting from fossil fuel dependency because I wish for them a liveable future. This vote is profoundly symbolic, and the least we can do for society and future generations” Chris Darimont. Hakai-Raincoast Conservation Scholar & Assistant Professor, Department of Geography